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This academic year, we will continue to provide scholarships for out-of-school Nigerian children to return to school, supply learning resources to elementary schools in resource-poor communities of East Baton Rouge Parish, and support several school infrastructural developments in Nigeria. Check out our line-up of events for the following year.


August 2022

Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022

SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH, 2022. | 10 am – 12 pm WAT

During this ceremony, fifty-one (51) Nigerian children received their tuition scholarship certificates, school bags, and water bottles.


February 2023 

Community Engagement Meeting with Stakeholders

Saturday, February 11th 2023 @ 10 am – 12 pm WAT

The foundation staff met with our children, their parents, and school representatives to discuss the foundation’s vision, plans for the scholarship project for the next academic year, and the students completed their registration forms.


August 2023 

East Baton Rouge Back-to-School Bash, Louisiana State, United States

Saturday, August 5th 2023 @ 8 am – 2 pm CST

EEF participated at the EBR back-to-school bash 2023 as a vendor. We distributed school resources to the children who visited our table. We donated three gift bags for the EBR’s door ticket rewards.


September 2023

Scholarship Award Ceremony 2023

Saturday, September 16th 2023 @ 12 pm to 2 pm

Sixty-two children received scholarships for their 2023/2024 school fees.


october 2023

EEF-STEM Community Outreach Event at LaSalle Elementary East Baton Rouge, LA, USA, 2023

Thursday, October 5th 2023 @ 1 pm – 3 pm

Fun time at LaSalle Elementary doing science. 

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